Relax and Unwind With a Manicure

Get a beautiful gel manicure in Boise, ID

We've all been there: You had a long day at work and need to find a way to de-stress. When you visit A Garden Spot in Boise, ID, you can pamper yourself with a regular or gel manicure. We give each and every customer our full attention to ensure you feel like part of the family - not just another customer.

You'll leave A Garden Spot with beautiful, natural-looking nails. If you need manicure services, reach out to us today.

Enjoy your manicure

A manicure is so much more than getting pretty nails. It's a whole experience that will help your stress melt away.

Our manicure services include:

Shaping and buffing your nails
Soaking your hands
Trimming your cuticles
Giving you a relaxing hand massage
Painting your nails with regular or gel nail polish

Are you ready to give yourself some much-needed pampering? Schedule an appointment for a regular or gel manicure today.